Book Proposal

You are working on a book project with a focus on Asia or Africa which might fit well in one of our programs? Then we would be pleased if you get in touch with us.


We are glad to prepare an individual offer for your dissertation, monograph or edited volume. In order to evaluate whether your project fits into our program, we need you to provide us with either the manuscript or a book proposal that specifies the relevant details, including (working) title, synopsis, table of contents, number of pages, schedule and, if available, sample chapters of your proposed publication. In case of dissertations, please also submit a copy of the supervisors’ grade reports.


If you consider publishing with us, please contact our editing team: lektorat /at/


Please note that the evaluation of your proposal will take up to two weeks.


Production Costs / Subsidy

Since we spend a lot of time and effort on the thorough editing, production and marketing of our books, we depend on authors’ subsidies for most publications. The amount charged for a specific publication depends on a number of factors such as the number of pages and illustrations and is thus calculated case by case.


Editing and Layout

Apart from the quality of the content, the appearance of our books is very important to us. Therefore, we take our work concerning editing, design and page layout very seriously. After receiving your manuscript, we will carefully edit your text and clarify any queries before the typesetting stage. Subsequently, the edited manuscript will be laid out according to our standards. Of course you will receive a copy of the laid out manuscript for proofreading before the file is sent to the printer.  


In addition to an appealing layout the high quality of our publications in terms of handling is particularly important to us. Being aware of the fact that especially in an academic context books pass through various hands, we choose soft but sturdy covers, high-quality binding and a hard-wearing matte foil lamination.


While digital color printing is used for the book’s cover, any illustrations in the block are usually printed black and white. If you want to include colored illustrations, we will add the additional printing costs to the production subsidy. If applicable, the authors are responsible for obtaining copyright permissions for any pictures used in the book.



We believe that excellent results can only be achieved by close cooperation and place a high value on the relationship with our authors. If you decide on publishing with regiospectra, one of our staff members will serve as your contact person throughout the whole publication process and will work closely with you on developing a concrete schedule for the publishing of your book. You will be informed and involved at each stage of the process.


After receiving your complete manuscript, the copy editing, layout and printing of the book will take between four and six weeks. In order to be able to publish your book in such a short period of time, we depend on your cooperation and an efficient communication throughout the process.


Distribution and Marketing

The promotion and marketing of your publication constitutes an important area of our work. Your book will, of course, receive an ISBN and will be indexed in the (German) catalogue of available books (VLB).


Every publication is featured extensively on our website. In addition to the cover and a short description we also provide information about the authors or editors, a downloadable table of contents and an overview of reviews, if applicable. Furthermore, we utilize our social media accounts to help raise awareness of your book, especially via facebook and twitter. Your book will also be announced in our quarterly newsletter. We will also provide you with a PDF-flyer that can be used for announcing the book in your own networks.


In addition to these online activities, we use print materials to advertise your publication. Flyers and catalogues are distributed to universities, research institutes, libraries and other institutions that deal with relevant areas and topics.


We further attempt to achieve a good review coverage of your book and are happy to provide reviewers with free copies. However, please note that due to a limited number of review copies, we can usually only provide a free copy if the review is accepted for publication. As journals do not always inform as about the publication of a review, please get in touch with us if you become aware of any reviews of your book that are not yet featured on our website (kontakt /at/


We also promote select publications with adverts in area specific journals on a regular basis. Within the limits of our possibilities, we also present regiospectra's publications at relevant conferences.


We distribute the books directly, via amazon.marketplace and stationary book sellers. The publications are indexed in the (German) catalogue of available books (VLB) and thus can be ordered in all German, Austrian and Swiss bookstores. Private individuals can also conveniently place orders through our online shop.